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Our policy


  • Your child must be aged 7-12 to join I Am.

  • The school is run fortnightly on Saturdays.





Although we have reached full capacity, we are still signing children up to our waiting list for 2020.

Please register your interest by emailing us with your contact number below: 


Where is I Am School of Excellence situated?

We are situated at Chobham Academy 40 Cheering Lane, Stratford, London E20 1BD (UK). The nearest train station is Stratford International (DLR).


What age is I Am School of Excellence for?

7-12 year olds

What time and how often are I Am School of Excellence classes?

Once a fortnight on Saturdays only. 10am - 2pm.

My child is 6 years old, can they join I Am School of Excellence?

Due to health and safety regulations during our cooking lessons, we are not currently offering places to children under 7 years old.

What classes will my child experience at I Am School of Excellence?

1 hour of African/Caribbean history (10am); 1 hour of P.E / The Arts (11am - see Curriulum page for more info); 2 hours of African/Caribbean food lessons (12pm).

What should my child wear to I Am School of Excellence?

- I Am School of Excellence T-shirt (one supplied per child after sign up)

- Comfortable clothing (leggings, jogging bottoms, sweater, trainers)

How much will I need to pay once my child is signed up to I Am School of Excellence?

I Am School of Excellence is £14 per Saturday which includes, history, dance and food lessons. However parents are required to pay via a bank transfer once a term and at least 1month before the term starts.

I emailed  / messaged I Am School of Excellence, but have not yet received a phone call to say my child has a place for next term. Why is this?

Please be aware that we receive multiple e-mails from families wishing to place their child(ren) on the waiting list, daily. We currently have a waiting list of around x200 children, and so we work through the waiting list using a first come first serve basis. The automated response you will have received will state that you will only receive a phone call for an available place, IF and WHEN a place becomes available. Please be patient.

The waiting list phone call is taking too long. What can I do to speed up the process?

In order to support I Am School of Excellence, we encourage you to please share and make donations to our Go Fund Me account. This will help us to speed up the process of acquiring our own venue, paying our staff and thus offering more classes to run, which will result in a quicker waiting list process. You can find the Go Fund Me link on this page.

What will my child need to bring with them when they join I Am School of Excellence?

- I Am School of Excellence exercise book (supplied by the school on first arrival)

- pen

- pencil

- rubber

- A snack to eat during the history lesson (optional) No Nuts, peanut butter or fizzy drinks

- Large bottle of water for dance lesson

Are there spaces and how do I sign my child up to I Am School of Excellence?

We will be taking a pause in 2019 to develop our curriculum and make necessary links with organisations that share our interests.

Although there will be no workshops in 2019, you can still be added to the waiting list for 2020 b emailing with the following information:

1.Contact number

2. Child's gender

3. Child's age and D.O.B (Must be aged between 7-12)

4. Any specific learning needs.

What is your policy on photography and videoing of the children that have joined I Am School of Excellence?

We follow the guidelines outlined by the NSPCC which can be found on the right / below by clicking the NSPCC logo.

Once we have agreed to enroll your child(ren) at our school, a parent consent form needs to be completed and signed by one parent / carer with parental responsibility to authorise the use of their child(ren's) images on our social media platforms and through our marketing and promotional tools, as well as any media publicity that may be utilised. This is of course optional and every parent has the right to not sign the policy agreement for photography and videoing of their child(ren). By not signing the policy agreement for photography and videoing of your child(ren) will not affect their enrollment with I Am School of Excellence.

Please note that at least one parent / carer with parental responsibility has authorised the use of images for all of the child(ren) currently featured in the above mentioned promotional platforms.





13.01.18 - 10.02.18

24.02.18 - 24.03.18



21.04.18 - 19.05.18

16.06.18 - 14.07.18


22.09.18 - 20.10.18

17.11.18 - 15.12.18


2019  -  PAUSE




Although we have filled our primary positions, we are still accepting the voluntary contributions from those that specialise in the following areas, to ensure the growth and strength of our team:


1. African / Caribbean Food teachers.

2. Dance teachers

3. Swahili teachers

4. African/Caribbean textiles

5. Economics

6. Hair braid / Black hair care












If you have any connections that may help with the above, please send offers and suggestions to the email address provided on the left/top of this page.

If I attended a registration day for 2018 intake, does this guarantee my child(ren) a place in 2018?

Not quite. Attending a registration day or sending over the relevant information, does not guarantee your child(ren) a place at I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™. Meeting with the children and their parents is usual practice prior to a space being offered. However, attending a registration day could speed up the process for your child(ren) being offered a place as we would have already met with you and received your paperwork prior to spaces becoming available.

How do I go about arranging a visit to IASE before I decide to register my interest?

For health and safety reasons as well as safeguarding, we do not allow potential parents / families to visit us during the IASE day. We have, however, loaded a wide range of videos on our YouTube channel and encourage you to subscribe and view our content to get an idea of what we deliver.

Is there any reason I may not receive a phone call to offer my child(ren) a place?

Please ensure that you have done the following to guarantee a phone call IF and WHEN a place becomes available:


and provided:

1. Age of child(ren)

2. Gender

3. Any known learning needs / extreme food allergies.

4. A phone number to be contacted on.

Please note also, that we use a private number to contact families. There have been a few families we have phoned on multiple occasions to offer them a space, but they did not answer their phone.

I attended a registration day and received an email stating that my child(ren) have been unsuccessful securing a place. Will my child(ren) still remain on the waiting list for the next available spaces?

Although we would love to offer every child a place at IASE, as we are still developing, this is not currently possible. If your child(ren) was unsuccessful for any reason at one of our registration days, unfortunately, they will no longer be on the waiting list. 

As we are limited in size and staff, we are very selective with the children we select to join our already developed cohort of children. It's important that the selection of children we make going forward display an ability to join this cohort.

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