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Hello, we are the I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™ and we have always been firm believers that what you put after the words "I am..." is truly powerful. 

We have noticed too often within the black communities, unnecessary, negative learned beliefs regarding elements of African & Caribbean culture and tradition. 


Through conversations with fellow parents, we have become very aware that there is some complaint that there is a lack of public opportunity to learn about black culture and traditions in a more uplifting way than is already being taught.

Although many dedicated parents are providing this information to their children in the home, we also understand that this information may not be as regular or as structured as some working parents would prefer; that's where the I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™ are here to help. :)






For a while we have been contemplating starting our own fortnightly Saturday school for children to learn about both African & Caribbean cultures. We envisioned creating a central place for children to come and learn how to cook both African and Caribbean cuisine; to learn about the art from these extraordinary cultures through dance and music; to learn a language from their African ancestors; and most importantly to learn about the amazing history.




I Am...


So how does the name "I am..." fit into all of this?


Our main objective is to provide your children with a new mindset about themselves and their community.


Are they dictated by what others say they are? Or have they recognised their own power to be whatever they choose?


For example, if one is constantly told that one is 'naughty' or 'can't achieve' does one start to subconsciously accept that as their reality?


There's a Buddhist saying that states, "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most".

Every day is a fresh slate and an opportunity for us to be whoever we want to be.




What's next?


Due to the positive response from parents, not only in the UK but overseas, we plan to continue our workshops online and even expand on the curriculum that we offer.

We hope that you enjoy the site and our YouTube lessons; see you soon!


Warm wishes,


I Am... x


Listen to an interview The Real Deal show did with the founder of I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE on

"OPTIMISTIC" - Sounds of Blackness
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