Our visitors and trips!

In term 1, we were sponsored to see a screening of the Oscar nominated film, Hidden Figures!

All of the children were truly inspired and engaged throughout the film as they learnt about the amazing contributions and achievements women from African decent have had on the world! It's a must see!

Also in term 1, the children were treated to a special history lesson and visit from the amazing illustrator, DAPO! He explored the importance of representation in comic narratives by discussing some of our favourites such as Black Panther, Storm, Miles Morales and many more.

Children were then encouraged to design and create their own ideas for diverse superheroes with the opportunity for DAPO to support them in fully realising their ideas. Check him out on instagram: @dapsdraws


Hidden Figures - Cinema Trip

Black History Walks Trip from St Paul's

Children, parents, carers and supporters of I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™ took part in a 2hr walk from St Paul's around London with BLACK HISTORY WALKS! 
We got far more than we had bargained for as the amazing tour guide walked us through the rich history of Africans and Caribbeans that have continuously paved the way in England! We learnt so much jaw dropping history that it's truly a walk you MUST experience for yourself! Check out all of the amazing work they do here:  www.blackhistorywalks.co.uk 

Working with Original Flava!

It was such an honour in term 2 to work with the fantastic cooking duo from Original Flava! They took over our Caribbean food lesson on our last day of term and taught the children of I AM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE™ how to make their delicious salt fish fritters! Yum!

To buy their recently published cook books and to check out what they do, click on this link: http://originalflava.com/

Montu Arts training with Olympic Karate Inc

In year 1, term 3, we were able to bring what we had learnt about the ancient African Montu Arts to life! We had previously studied about this in our history lessons and learnt that ALL forms of what we call martial arts, actually originated in Ancient Africa and was called Montu Arts - an advanced self defence system that comes in many forms. Check out all of the evidence for this on the walls of the tombs in Kemet!

Black British History at

New Beacon Book store

This trip to the very popular book store, New Beacon Books was one that we would say was very historical. IASE, organised a three way collaboration between themselves, New Beacon and the co-author, Paula Perry, of the best seller "Black British History". 

Parents and children of IASE arrived early in the afternoon to explore the many African and Caribbean literature on the shelves of the beautifully artsy decorated store. They had been told that they would be taking part in a history lesson inside the store using the Black History Studies text book, however they had no idea that Paula Perry herself would be visiting to give them all a signed copy of the book each, as well as deliver the history lesson herself! What a historical treat!